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JATKO Cottage

18' x 36' 

This cottage, inspired by the ALKU cabin, is built mainly from solid cross-laminated timber (CLT). In addition to its unique aesthetic, the sloped roof allows for efficient drainage of snow and rain, perfect for mountainous regions or areas where it rains a lot. The large high windows, characteristic of cottages with sloping roofs, flood the room with natural light and allow it to have a panoramic view of the outside. Built with top quality materials, the JATKO cottage promises durability and optimal insulation.

Dimensions :  18' x 36' 

Maximal Capacity : 8 People

Price :  From 130 000$

Floor Plan

Jatko explosion.195.png
MD explosé.140.png
Jatko CLT plancher.199.png

The JATKO concept includes: 

4 walls: 

  • Doors & windows

  • Exterior Envelope

    • CLT panel, Insulation, waterproofing system and cladding.


  • CLT panel.


*Possibility of having CLT stairs as well. 


  • Exterior Envelope

    • CLT panel, Insulation, waterproofing system and cladding.

The JATKO concept includes the exterior envelope (walls and roofs), doors, windows and CLT flooring. It was designed for two floors and on a concrete foundation; however, the fondation is not included in the price nor provided by SOKÏO Industrie. Please note that SOKÏO Industrie declines all responsibility with regard to construction work, interior design and building mechanics. As a wooden structure manufacturer, our priority is the supply of the exterior envelope of the building. However, we are able to offer interior design and the layout of the building's mechanics. For any request relating to interior design plans designed by SOKÏO Industrie, please contact us.

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