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Making performance accessible.

with SOKÏO technology 

SOKÏO Industry is a manufacturer that offers a prefabricated construction system (walls, roofs, floors) in mass timber (Cross laminated timber - CLT) including insulation, doors, windows and cladding ready to be installed on site. This new patented technology offers automatic sealing on site between the different parts of the building envelope. This system not only increases performance on site, but also optimizes costs and resources.

Who are we?

Our Patented Technology

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Excellent structural capacity
No thermal bridge
Effective humidity management
Excellent Insulation
Air, water & humidity resistant

Resource Optimization

Prefabrication process minimizing
waste on site.
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Energetic Performance

Our patented technology 

allows a 20% reduction of the energy required for heating and ventilation.

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Renewable Primary Resource

Solid wood emits almost 6 times less GHG than reinforced concrete and can be used for
buildings up to 12 floors.
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Innovative Manufacturing Process

Integration of a robotic process to increase the flexibility of the manufacturing process and architectural possibilities.
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Versatile Construction Système

Improved production capacity for the low- and high-rise residential and multi-residential sector.
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Fast execution on site

Our technology allows for a 16% to 28% reduction in the timeline of a construction project.
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Our Added Value


Revolutionizing the construction industry. 

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